It’s wet in Chitterne and the Cut (Chitterne Brook) is filling on the last day of 2022, not a day to be outside. So I sit here and contemplate what we have achieved this year, numerically.

21 history blogs written and posted.

3 groups taken on history tours around village.

3 villagers or ex-villagers added to the burial record.

110 books read.

34 sets of guests and 14 dogs welcomed to the Nest, our holiday let.

10,123 miles cycled by Dave, my other half.

There is more but I failed to record how many history queries I answered during the year. Next year I intend to keep a record. A couple I do recall – one lady hoping to live here asked whether Chitterne was a friendly village with lots of interaction. I told her yes and listed all the possibilities. To another gentleman writing a book about Wiltshire’s unsung heroes, I gave info on our Scotland Yard detective Bill Brown for inclusion in his book.

A Happy New Year, thank you for following Chitterne Now and Then.

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