Valdes-Scotts at Elm Farm 50 years ago

valdes-scott, roselle feeding lambs (2)
Roselle feeding the orphan lambs at Elm Farm

50 years ago Elm Farm was still a working farm, rented by the Lovell family from the MOD and run by a manager. Recently some photographs by the family managing the farm for the Lovells in the 1960s have come to light.

valdes-scotts in Chile 1961 (1)
The family before they left Chile in 1961 Javier, Michael, Roselle, Gwendoline, Anthony and David

They were the Valdes-Scott family who had been living in Chile until 1961. Javier Valdes, a Chilean and Gwendoline Scott, an Englishwoman, and their four children: Anthony, Michael, David and Roselle. Roselle was 10 when they came to England. After living for a while in Steeple Ashton, they moved to Elm Farm, Chitterne in 1961/2 and stayed until 1967.

valdes scott, javier at Elm Farm (9)
Javier Valdes at Elm Farm
valdes-scott, roselle in school uniform at Elm Farm (3)
Roselle at the back of Elm Farm in Leweston School uniform

Keen horsemen, the Valdes-Scotts had two horses at Chitterne, Paddy and another whose name I can’t decipher. The dog was called Pip.

valdes-scott, roselle on Paddy(5)
Roselle on Paddy in snowy Chitterne
valdes-scott, roselle and michael (7)
Roselle and Michael at Elm Farm gate
valdes-scott, david (4)
David outside Elm Farm
valdes scott, Anthony and Michael (5)
Anthony and Michael at the bottom of Back Road (now Back Lane)
valdes scott, roselle and friend (3)
Roselle and a friend near the Sportsfield footbridge
valdes scott, roselle (2)
Roselle out on the downs

With grateful thanks to Paul Clarke who acquired the albums and uploaded the photos to flickr.

Valdes-Scotts at Elm Farm 50 years ago

Old Chitterne Names 3: Elm Farm Road and Tyning Path

elm farm road1small
Elm Farm Road from Back Lane

John Wallis Titt must have passed this way many a time in his youth to tend the post mill at the end of Tyning Path. That early experience probably led to his interest in windmills and later engineering achievements in raising water by wind power.

elm-farm-map small

Elm Farm Road and Tyning Path are two parts of the same track. Tyning Path is numbered 9 on the Rights of Way map. They meet at the  crossing with Farm Hill/Long Hill. They are both also part of the Imber Range Perimeter Path, IRPP, a favourite of walkers, runners and riders.

elm farm road3small
Elm Farm Road

Elm Farm Road leads off Back Lane and is still designated a road on most maps. So called because it once was the road from the farmyard to the fields and mill attached to Elm Farm. Elm Farm is no more but the road’s old stone paving can still be seen, when not obliterated by enormous badger workings. It heads gradually uphill until it meets Farm Hill/Long Hill near the radio mast and barn. Here it becomes Tyning Path.

cross tracks small
The crossing: Elm Farm Road foreground meeting Tyning Path, with Farm Hill left and Long Hill right

Tyning Path is not paved, but carries on gently rising  to the highest point where the post mill once stood in a good position to catch the wind in its sails. Now there is nothing left of the mill but according to the old maps it stood to the right of Tyning Path at a crossing with an unnamed track that heads towards the Pumping Station. But back in John Wallis Titt’s time, say about 1850, the mill still existed and may have been working at  grinding the corn into flour.

site of post mill small
Site of the old post mill

I don’t think there are any post mills left in Wiltshire now, but this photograph shows the construction quite well. The point being that the whole structure above the base could revolve around the central post to take advantage of the prevailing wind.

Shrewley_Post_Mill small
Shrewley Post Mill Warwickshire

A tyning was a small area of enclosed ground. We would call it an allotment today.

Old Chitterne Names 3: Elm Farm Road and Tyning Path