It’s been a while since I posted a blog and update on our local hostelry so I thought I would share with you some of the photographs in my collection that I haven’t posted before.

Here we have the pub in the early days of photography, thatched and flanked by two shops. One a saddlery the other a grocery store. The saddlery is now part of the pub, the grocery store was demolished except for part of the front wall. The Kings Head was owned as part of their Chitterne estate by the Long family of Rood Ashton from 1830 until 1896 when it was offered for sale.

Note the old hump-backed bridge over the Chitterne Brook and the trees opposite the pub. The bridge was later replaced with a wider level bridge to allow for military vehicles. The trees were Wych Elms planted around the borders of the Tithing Field opposite the pub. They succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease in the 1970s.

The Wych Elms and hump-backed bridge are clearer in this early 20th century photo taken from the opposite direction.

The Kings Head has a tiled roof and more signage in this photo from the 1940s. Ushers Brewery of Trowbridge acquired the pub in the 1920s possibly from Bartletts Brewery of Warminster.

The pub looking smart in its Ushers livery. Besides the new signs and new porch, the grocery shop has gone, except for part of a wall and a door. Ushers put the pub up for sale in 1989.

In 1990 Gibbs Mew bought the pub and the door in the wall has gone.

The late Les Rushton’s horse and cart outside the pub in the 1990s. Note the ex-petrol station kiosk attached to Bridge Cottage just behind the cart.

Later in the mid 1990s with new Gibbs Mew livery. Note the new house just behind the pub, built on part of the Kings Head land sold off by Gibbs Mew for building. In the old days this was the site of the pub’s skittle alley and stables.

This photo is from 2002. The Kings Head in another new guise under the ownership of Enterprise Inns.

In 2011 the Kings Head was up for auction and subsequently became privately owned and a free house for the first time.

A photograph I took today of the Kings Head, closed and waiting, for what? The Chitterne Community Pub Group recently secured a loan to enable the purchase of the King’s Head and negotiations are underway.

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