British Legion Event Mystery

British Legion Event 1950s?

This photograph turned up recently from my late mother-in-law’s and I am trying to identify the place and time of the event pictured. The only person we know in the photo is my husband’s grandfather George Burgess (1887-1964), who is standing to the right of the standard pole. He is the tall man with a moustache wearing a trilby.

Judging by the dress code and George’s age we think it happened on Armistice Day sometime in the 1950s, but we don’t recognise the church. George was living at Bratton at that time, but this is not Bratton Church. He had served in the Coldstream Guards for many years in his youth, and was a member of the British Legion thereafter.

If you are able to identify anyone, or recognise the church, please contact me using the form on the blog menu. I would love to be able to solve this mystery.

Tuesday 24 April

My daughter has identified the church as Edington Priory. Well spotted Amy!

Edington Priory
British Legion Event Mystery

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