Jack Smith of Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant, Bidden Lane. Jack Smith’s house far right.

Henry John ‘Jack’ Smith 1864-1939 lived at Mount Pleasant, which was the top part of Bidden Lane on the Chitterne All Saints side. Jack Smith, the son of Jacob and Elizabeth Smith in my last blog, lived in the last house on the left, number 80. Numbers 77 and 78, next door to Jack’s house, were also part of Mount Pleasant, but have since been demolished.

Jack Smith’s trap being pulled by Gee Gee Tom in 1933. The child is Jack’s great nephew Peter.
Jack Smith 1938

In 1890 Jack Smith was a general dealer and carrier living in Townsend with his parents. He ran a cart to Salisbury on Tuesdays, Devizes on Thursdays and Warminster on Saturdays. By 1901 he was living at Mount Pleasant and a tenant farmer; in 1919 he bought 10 acres of arable Glebe farm land from the church authorities for £190, and in 1932 his farm was known as Mount Pleasant Farm. He had a barn, a dairy and a dewpond on the other side of the road from his house, as well as a shelter alongside the road to Codford where his cows grazed the old meadows.

He was twice married, first to Elizabeth Dewey in 1897. She died in 1906 aged 50 years. He married again in 1907 to Mary Holloway of Erlestoke, a relative of his mother’s. Mary predeceased him in 1934 aged 69 years. There were no children from either marraige.

Like his father Jack was a Baptist; he was a lifelong member of the local chapel and lay preacher. He was baptised at Corton in 1884, made secretary and Baptist pastor in 1889 and deacon in 1905. He was also a Parish Councillor. He collapsed and died just up the road from his house on Boxing Day 1939 while taking a walk.

Jack Smith of Mount Pleasant

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