Unique Magnetic Chitterne


There is no other place on the planet, as far as we can tell, called Chitterne. We are unique, but could Chitterne also be magnetic? There is definitely something that draws people to this particular spot on Salisbury Plain, especially if they or their ancestors have passed this way before.

A corner of St Mary’s Chancel graveyard

I have been in contact recently with two different people who are interested in buying two different properties in the village. One of them, convinced that this village is the place they want to be, has been waiting for over a year for the chance to buy the property they want. The other has connections to the Poolman and Limbrick families of old Chitterne. These are just two current examples of the phenomenon. There have been many others.


View from Manor Farm

What is it about Chitterne that attracts people? For me it’s about the huge sky, the feeling of space and distance all around us, the sense of freedom from the shadow of towering blocks of concrete or, dare I say it..mountains. What is it for you?


Unique Magnetic Chitterne

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