Found or Brittan?

Some of the Found family, middle row left: Mary Found Floyd with her husband Tom Floyd behind; back row middle: George Found with his wife Harriet Haines Found in front of him; front row: Minnie Found Grant, daughter of George and Harriet, and her husband Ernest Frank Grant – I think, not sure about Minnie and Ernest; the couple on the right are unknown, any ideas? Mary and George were children of, and Minnie was grandchild of Edmund and Elizabeth Found. Thanks to CG for the photo

The legend in the Found family is that the name was originally given to a ‘foundling’ child. But perhaps there could be some doubt in this case.

My sleuth friends have been sidetracked from their own researches to the benefit of our Chitterne family history yet again. This time they have been looking into the origin of Edmund Found’s family name with surprising results.

Edmund Found came from Imber. His grandfather was William Brittan, born 1764, son of Jane Brittan. Jane later married Thomas Found and her son William became known as William Found, except in 1794 when he married Mary Cannings at Chitterne All Saints and used his birth name: William Brittan.

William and Mary Found moved back to Imber and had a son Thomas in 1795, who married Sarah Brown. Thomas and Sarah had a son Edmund Found in 1834 who married Elizabeth Payne, the woman in last week’s photograph, and lived in Chitterne. Edmund and Elizabeth were the parents of Susie Found, who also featured in last week’s blog.

So, should the name of the family be Brittan?








Found or Brittan?

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