Two curious newspaper cuttings turned up in my email folder this week, thanks to my eagle-eyed researcher friends J&RR. The first is a newspaper cutting from 1786 telling the sad tale of a chap who worked on Chitterne Farm and got his foot stuck in a rut on Chitterne Down.

Derrys, Edward possibly, 1786 death on downs Norfolk Chronicle 25 Mar 1786 small
You don’t need to read this with a lisp! Just remember the 18th century ‘s’ appears to be an ‘f’ sometimes in the beginning and middle of a word.  The story was widely reported in newspapers. This, the most readable extract, is from the Norfolk Chronicle of 25 March 1786.

Chitterne Down is the area of high land on your left as you head towards Shrewton on the B390 after passing the turning to the Copehill Down training facility. The 1773 Andrews and Drury map of Chitterne has Chitterne Down marked, not totally accurately, but at least it is of the same era.

chitterne_map1773 small
Andrews and Drury map of 1773 has Chitterne All Saints and Chitterne St Mary the wrong way round!

A search of the burial records revealed an Edward Derrys of Beverstock, Gloucestershire buried at Chitterne St Mary at about the right time on the 14 March 1786, perhaps he was the unfortunate man.



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