Georges Terrace

100 years ago a row of three cottages in Bidden Lane was known as Georges Terrace. The cottages built facing up the hill at ninety degrees to the road are numbers 68, 69 and 70.

georges terrace 2016 small
The three cottages once known as Georges Terrace

Some time between before 1912 William Poolman, the landlord of the White Hart Inn, acquired the cottages known as Georges Terrace. He also owned six more cottages next door, numbers 62 to 67. When he died in 1912 his widow Harriet inherited these properties and in 1913 conveyed his entire estate to her step-daughters, William’s daughters Lydia Polden and Rosa Dewey by his first wife.

Arthur Spratt (1907-1992) was the owner of Georges Terrace in about 1964 when a tragedy happened. A lorry ran out of control in Bidden Lane and smashed into number 68 demolishing a corner of the cottage. Arthur’s brother Bill and his wife Daisy were inside at the time but luckily were unhurt. Bill Windsor told me how he rebuilt the end wall and chimney stack, but was amazed that the rear wall of cob had remained intact throughout the accident and rebuild.

georges terrace lorry-crash1 small
Number 68 after the accident in c1964

Since I first wrote this blog I have realised that I made some wrong assumptions! A recently discovered map of 1882 shows that these three cottages did not exist at that time and the gardens on the site in 1882 were owned by Walter Hume Long and used by John George and Benjamin Carter.

I hestitate to venture further opinion on who had the cottages built, but we know that Thomas George, previously the carrier at the White Hart, was a landlord of cottages too, so he may have owned these, which neatly explains the name Georges Terrace. But I stress this is only an idea! Thomas died in 1889 and maybe that’s when William Poolman acquired them, as mentioned above.

Georges Terrace

2 thoughts on “Georges Terrace

  1. Derick Pearce says:

    Hi Sue, just out of interest I was born at No.69 Shrewton Road (Georges Terrace) in February 1951 & lived there with my Mum & Dad (Roland & Lillian Pearce) & my sister Val for 8 years till we moved down to No 60 where I still live today. Arthur & Bill Spratt were our neighbours at the time & my sister & I spent many happy hours with Bill & Daisy. We would be very interested to know if you have any old photos of No.60? Many thanks Derick.


  2. Hi Derick, I thought Arthur lived at number 70. Thanks for the extra info. I’ll look into pics of number 60, it was built 1874 wasnt it? So should show on old pics of Bidden Lane perhaps, and let you know.


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