Still in old Chitterne St Mary, Gunville was the name given to a group of two or three old cottages on the old Salisbury to Warminster coach road, in what we now call The Hollow.

gunville map 1822 small
This 1822 map shows the Gunville Cottages, plots 203, 205 and 206. The Vicarage, plot 208,  is not yet shown. Note the original H shape of The Manor, plot 220.

The cottages were named Gunville in all censuses from 1861 to 1901. Previous censuses to 1861 are not as detailed so we are unable to tell if the name was in use any earlier. In one census, the 1881, the Vicarage is also said to be in Gunville, but that may be an anomaly.

gunville map 1842 small
An 1842 map shows the Gunville Cottages numbered 21, 22 and 23. Also another small plot 24, and the Vicarage 26

By the 1891 census only two cottages were inhabited, one by Frederick Dewey, maltster, and one by George Naish, farm labourer. Both these men died before the next census. Frederick Dewey, who occupied one cottage for at least 25 years, died in 1895, and his neighbour George Naish in 1892. So although the cottages are mentioned in the 1901, they are marked uninhabited. In the 1911 census they are not listed at all and we presume they had been demolished.

gunville 1 small
The bottom of the Hollow was called Gunville when it was home to 3 cottages

The land the Gunville cottages once stood on was used to enlarge the Vicarage garden and  provided space for a tennis court. In the late 196os, during the time of Rev. H. T. Yeomans, the Vicarage became redundant and was sold. It was renamed St Mary’s House under the new owners Mr and Mrs Wallis.  In 1991 the then owners built a new house for themselves on the Gunville/tennis court part of the garden, calling their new house St Mary’s House and renaming the vicarage The Old Vicarage. Are you with me so far? So what all this means is, that two of the Gunville cottages stood on what is now the St Mary’s House plot at the western end of the village. The third cottage was probably on the opposite side of the track.

gunville 2 small
Old Gunville looking towards the B390, where once stood 2 cottages on the left and possibly a third on the right

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