Once there was a meandering track that followed the course of the Chitterne winterbourne from its source at Imber to Chitterne. We still use part of it. The part that is the paved road C22, hugging the side of the winterbourne through the village to Codford, via Townsend, Tilshead Road and the B390.

bourne small
The Bourne

Part of the paved road is known as the Bourne. This is where the winterbourne flows both sides of the road from Townsend, past the Pumping Station, to where the road makes a sharp right hand bend. Here the paved part ends and the old by-way, right of way number 16, carries straight on into the field beyond. The old name of this part is Winding Way, which explains itself.

winding way 1 small
Winding Way heading off along the Berril Valley in April 2016
padhams pool 2 small
Winding Way and Padham’s Pool in February 2014

During the winter months Winding Way is unusable due to the pool that forms at the end of the Bourne. This pool is named on one old map as Padham’s Pool, but I haven’t found that name anywhere else, so it is doubtful. However, another such pool further down the winterbourne towards Codford is called Spot’s Pool, so it may be right.

winding way 2 small
Winding Way dried up winterbourne bed April 2016
winding way 4 small
This is the far as you can go along Winding Way, the bridge over the Berril Valley

Today, as with Craw Path, you can only walk Winding Way until you reach the MoD Imber Range warning sign. Beyond the sign is the bridge carrying the MoD’s Southern Range Transit Road over the Berril Valley. 60 years ago you could walk further, through Frying Pan bottom to Imber. I stopped at the sign and turned around, so I have no photo of Frying Pan bottom.

winding way 5 small
Looking back along Winding Way towards Middle Barn cottages


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