Old Chitterne Names 7: Baggerbush and Grump Path

baggerbush2 small
Baggerbush looking towards Townsend

A favourite old name this time. Baggerbush was the bush-lined footpath following the edge of fields behind the cottages of Townsend. It started from Grump Path stile at the back of 16 Townsend and led uphill across Linches Path to meet Tyning Path.

grump path stile
An old photo of Grump Path stile with Baggerbush heading away uphill to the left of the fence

I wrote ‘was’ because these footpaths are no longer rights of way. Grump Path is one. It used to exist at the back of Townsend along the far side of the Cut. Starting from number 20 Townsend to beyond number 1. Grump Path stile was less than halfway along and that’s where Baggerbush headed off over the stile and up the hill.

baggerbush3 small

At the end of Baggerbush, where it met Tyning, it also met Stable Road and Dirty Road at a sort-of mega path junction. Stable Road and Dirty Road, neither are rights of way now, headed towards Middle Barn stables from Long Hill, and Tyning led into an old cart track right of way towards Tilshead.


There is no clue locally to the origin of the name Baggerbush, but perhaps it had something to do with brewing. A bag was a measure of hops and a bush was a bunch of broom used to stir up fermenting liquor in mashing. It was hung up impregnated with yeast and kept from one brew to the next to start the fermentation process more quickly.

Source: The Local Historian’s Glossary of Words and Terms by Joy Bristow.



Old Chitterne Names 7: Baggerbush and Grump Path

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