Old Chitterne Names 2: Linches Path

linches1 small
Linches Path


This track, numbered 4 on the Rights of Way map, heads north-east from the crossroads on Back Road near Chitterne Farm Cottages, towards Tilshead.

linches2 small
Looking back down Linches Path to the village

With the farm cottages on your right, and soon the turning to The Stables on your left, the track heads gently uphill for about 300 yards until you reach a cross track with field gates to your left and right. Here the footpath on the Rights of Way map heads diagonally across the field on your left to exit the field gate alongside number 1 Townsend, but on an older map the track carried straight on eventually arriving at Middle Barn. This part of the track is no longer a right of way.

linchets3 small
Hillside that may have once had linches

Why Linches Path? A Linch or linchet (also spelt lynchet) is the name given to the turf  between two strips of terraced arable land on a hillside. Presumably the hillside to the right of Linches Path, i.e. behind the farm cottages, once had terraces with linches between them that have since been ploughed out. There are no linches in Chitterne fields now, but some nearby at Chitterne Ansty that have been planted with trees; some both sides of the B390 overlooking the army camp at Knook, and these below at Middle Hill, Norton Bavant.

Strip_lynchets smaller
Linches on Middle Hill at Norton Bavant
Old Chitterne Names 2: Linches Path

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