Old Chitterne Names 1: The Walk

the walk
The Walk from Sportsfield footbridge

“The Walk was a lime tree and horse chestnut lined path from All Saints Manor Farm bridge to Webster’s farm yard.”

So said the late Ernie George, who, thanks to his habit of recording his memories in words and drawings, preserved many old Chitterne names and customs for us. I am turning to his words now to start a new series of blogs on the old names of paths, tracks and features in the village. I think it’s a shame that new Chitternites are often unaware of these old names because they have fallen out of use or been forgotten.


‘The Walk’ is the first old name. It’s a footpath, number 8 on the Rights of Way map, still in use and probably the easiest for me to start with. As Ernie says above, it stretches from Manor Farm bridge, along the bank of the Cut on the opposite side to the road, between a line of lime trees and Manor Farm wall. It crosses Coach House bridge, Sportsfield footbridge and hugs the Sportsfield wall, eventually ending at the old grass covered St Mary’s Close bridge. This latter bridge was the bridge to the Clump Farm Pig Unit back in Farmer Webster’s time, before 1937, hence Ernie’s reference above to Webster’s farm yard.

Old Chitterne Names 1: The Walk

2 thoughts on “Old Chitterne Names 1: The Walk

  1. Dorian Greenbaum says:

    Hi Sue, I came across some comments of yours on the Flower family of Wiltshire, and then found this blog. So I apologise for writing this comment which has nothing to do with this post, but I could not see any other way to contact you on your website. I recently (3 days ago!) found out I am a descendant of Thomas Flower of Steeple Ashton, buried 22 March 1671/72, whose will was probated 17 May 1672, through his daughter Melior Flower who married Thomas Harris, Gent of Imber. She is probably born 1630, bap in Codford St Peter. I am now trying to piece together something about the Flowers in this era, but it is quite difficult, surprising because the name is not that common, but I am having trouble even finding out the name of Thomas Flower’s wife. From his will I have that, in addition to Melior Harris, a daughter Jane Flower, Anne Bennett and a daughter who married a Beach and Bennett, but I do not know her given name. I was wondering if you knew anything about this family. I would be happy to share what little information I have. I also have a number of other Wiltshire connections which are better documented. (The Harrises, originally from Orcheston St George, have a branch (not mine) that produced the Earls of Malmesbury.) Thank you for any help you can give me! Best wishes, Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum, Duxbury, MA, USA


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