New Road Layout

new road layout 1

We have a new bulge in Chitterne! The road layout at the junction of the B390 with the C22 has been altered. A bulge has been added to the corner of the road to Tilshead opposite Elm Farm.

new road layout 2

Chitternites have mostly viewed the work with incredulity. ‘What a waste of money’ has been heard more than once, closely followed by ‘a mini-round-about would have been better to slow the traffic down’, but I am told that a mini-round-about was not allowed. So still we continue to take our lives in our hands as we precariously make our way from one part of the village to another. Bad enough on your own but with a dog, or a pushchair, or both, it’s much worse.

new road layout 3

I remember how it used to be before Bidden Lane was widened and straightened in the 1960s, when the through traffic, including me, was forced to take White Hart corner more slowly. Those changes turned a narrow lane into a racetrack. With hindsight the ‘improvements’ back then were misguided.

Perhaps, looking even further back, the creation of the turnpike in 1761 initiated today’s problem. It was the forerunner of the B390, in that it ran from Shrewton to Heytesbury, down Bidden Lane turning left at the White Hart onto Chitterne St Mary High Street and so to Heytesbury. If the main road or High Street through the villages was still the road from The Hollow to Townsend, as it was once way back, then Bidden Lane would still be a little offshoot demarking the boundary between the two Chitterne parishes.

New Road Layout

2 thoughts on “New Road Layout

  1. schiffbruechige says:

    Is that supposed to be a pedestrian crossing across the widest part? That seems a bit crazy! Why not have it a bit further back where its narrower.. At least you’ve gained a small 30 sign?


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