Townsend and Bidden Lane

More evidence about the Townsend question has turned up lately in the newly issued 1939 Register, made soon after the start of World War 2 on the 29th September 1939. Thanks are due to Holmes and Watson, who are already on the case and have acquired access to the pages concerning the inhabitants of Chitterne. The register gives householders names and addresses, and, once again Townsend includes only those houses numbered 1 to 25. I plead my case, please can we have the sign moved to where it should be?

Mount Pleasant, Bidden Lane
Mount Pleasant, Bidden Lane

While we’re at it, might we have Bidden Lane properly signed too? Although in this case the new register doesn’t support my plea, because in 1939 the lane was already being called Shrewton Road, practical but much less poetic. And, did you know that the last four houses at the top of the road were known as Mount Pleasant in 1939? Two of the four have since been demolished, as have twelve houses on the other side of the road. I suppose you could argue that Bidden Lane is no longer a lane, as it once was when the main road through Chitterne ran from Codford to Tilshead and the lane was just a little offshoot heading towards Maddington, sorry, I mean Shrewton!

Townsend and Bidden Lane

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