To the Descendants of Norman Grant

I am trying to contact the two gentlemen who called into Chitterne Village Hall yesterday the 15 May looking for me. They were researching their Grant ancestor who was born in Chitterne, namely Norman Grant, who, I thought one of the gentlemen said, was his father, but I may be wrong about that.

I have a Harold Norman Grant in my records who was born in Chitterne on the 18 October 1902 and baptised on the 21 December that year. Is this your ancestor? If so he must be your grandfather and I must have misheard you. Norman was the son of Henry Grant and Emma Coles and I can trace his line back to John ‘Shepherd’ Grant born about 1660, who married Sarah Titt of Chitterne in about 1691.

I wish I had had more time to talk to you and to exchange information. Please contact me if you read this, or if anyone knows these two gentlemen, who may have come from the Chichester area, please let me know.

To the Descendants of Norman Grant

One thought on “To the Descendants of Norman Grant

  1. Gary Roberts says:

    Hello Sue, Congratulations on your work! The Salisbury At War Project would love to hear any information that you may have on Spitfire production in the City during WWII. We already have a very great deal towards this exciting documentary, but you cannot have TOO much!! Were the Scout Car works commandeered for instance? Everywhere else was…

    We also have Ambassadorial support regarding the GI activities hereabouts.

    My mobile is 07813 – 755 984

    Very Best,

    Gary Roberts


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