This turned up from the marvellously vigilant H & W after they spotted the reference to Robert Fisher in the tale about Thomas George.

fisher, robert sale of sheep

This advert was published in the Salisbury & Winchester Journal of the 16th September 1833. I am amazed that Robert Fisher expected buyers to turn up at Chitterne to see the sheep at such short notice. The advert was published only a couple of days before the proposed auction and yet I imagine it would have taken a considerable time to travel to our village in those days.

But how farming has changed! It was all sheep in 1833, thousands of them turning the Plain into a vast white carpet,  Nowadays shepherds have difficulty finding shepherding opportunities around here and the downs are more often dotted with black cattle.

Robert Fisher and family from Leicestershire didn’t stay at Chitterne Farm long. They arrived in about 1815 or 16 and left before 1851. Only a clutch of gravestones in All Saints cemetery remind us they ever lived here.

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