Jeanne George nee Benson

I was sad this morning to hear of the passing of Jeanne George, another great Chitterne lady, widow of Ernie George mentioned in my last blog.

George, Jeanne 2005

To me Jeanne was the person who made Chit Chat, the village newsletter, into something everyone looked forward to reading. Before her time as the editor, over 20 years, it was merely a typed sheet of dates of village events, with very little news. But Jeanne threw her heart and soul into it and her obvious love of the village and writing about it came across on each page.

I thought of her yesterday as I delivered my portion of April Chit Chat, unusually, on the first of the month. When I delivered the newsletter for Jeanne it was always on the first of the month, on the dot. And yesterday she passed away on the first of the month, the first of April too. Jeanne would have found the humour in that. I enjoyed her humour and her love of local history, which she shared with me each month as I collected the newletters from her home in Townsend. A great lady indeed.

Jeanne George nee Benson

One thought on “Jeanne George nee Benson

  1. Julian peters says:

    Very sad news. I remember chitterne newsletter 30 yrs ago. And i always had chats with her when delivering papers. And ernie was a nice chap too. One of the original ladies of chitterne.


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